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Ab...Bas! -2004- SPARK DVD

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Ab...Bas! DVD

# Starring: Arun Bakshi, Baby Shaily, Chetanya Abeeb, Diana Hayden, Neena Kulkarni, Nisha Harale, Praveen Sirohi, Raju Kher, Shahwar Ali
# Director: Rajesh Singh
# Genre: Feature Film
# Sub Genre: Bollywood
# Release date: 25 April 2005
# Format: DVD

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    * Language: Hindi
    * No. of disks: 1
    * Catalogue number: SDVD219
    * Sound format: Dolby Digital 5.1, Stereo
    * Producer: Raju Mavani

DVD special features

Scene Selections.

Song Selections.

Forth Coming Attractions.


Ab...Bas! is a story of Somya (Diana Hayden).  Somya got married to a rich businessman, Karan (Shahwar Ali), some 7 years ago.  They love each other very much and have a 4 year old daughter, Sara.  It`s dream like for Somya.  She is happy.  Till one day she discovers that Karan is having an affair with a girl named Ruby (Nisha Harale).  Karan accepts the relationship and asks Somya to accept it too!  Somya refuses to accept the humiliation and demands divorce from Karan.  He refuses to give divorce and even beats her up.  Somya can`t tale this torture anymore and one day runs from there with her daughter, Sara.  Karan is furious and vows to bring her back.  Somya gets some help from a friend, Abhishek (Parveen Sirohi).  Karan is constantly after her.  He attempts to kill Somya and even his own daughter!  Somya is helpless...she is weak and Karan is rich and has got so much clout.  Somya decides to fight back to save her daughter`s life.  But how is she going to fight an all-strong man?  Will Somya be able to fight?  Will Somya be able to win?  Will Somya be able to save the life of her daughter?

For answers to all these questions, watch Raju Mavani`s Ab...Bas!

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