Green Card Fever -2004- TTE DVD

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Green Card Fever - DVD

Starring:Deep Katdare, Purva Bedi, Vikram Dasu

Director:Bala Rajasekharuni



Year Of Release:2003

GREEN CARD FEVER is the story of a young immigrant from India (Vikram Dasu) who overstays his US visa. As he is forced to
make decisions about whom to trust, he naively relies on his new found friends in his land of dreams, and a comical and
poignant sequence of adventures ensue.
He is told that 'the fastest way to get anything done in America is to sue somebody' and is led to believe that he can
obtain a 'Green Card' by suing his lawyer (Deep Katdare). He is emboldened by anecdotes of a 'famous hot coffee cup spilling case'
where he is told that a court awarded the plaintiff a million dollars (for each thigh!).
However, his plans soon begin to go awry when he falls in love with a beautiful girl (Purva Bedi). His quick
ticket to the 'good life' in America gets greatly complicated when he encounters Love, Lies and The Law in his
pursuit to live legally in America. As he muddles through and finds himself manipulated by immigrant taxi drivers
and lawyers, he is torn between the beautiful girl he is falling in love with, and the comforting prospect of
returning home to India.
This new film from first time Director Bala Rajeskharuni reunites the award winning Cast of 'American Desi' and
features an original soundtrack by Pete Sears (of 'Jefferson Airplane' and 'Hot Tuna') and includes a new song
by folk rock legend Al Stewart ('Year of the Cat', 'Time Passages').
GREEN CARD FEVER is both romantic comedy and drama it provides a moving and often hilarious peek into the lives
of legal and illegal immigrants in America.

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