Haasil- DVD

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Haasil- DVD

Writen and directed by : Tigmanshu Dhulia
Music : Jatin Lalit  

Starring : Jimmy Shergil,Hrishitaa Bhat,Irfan Khan,Ashutosh Rana,Tinu Annand,Sudhir Pandey,Sharat Saxana,Raj Zutshi,Raj Yadav & Murad Ali

Haasil is the story of the love of Anirudh (Jimmy Shergil) and Niharika (Hrishita Bhatt) to students Allahabad University. The story has the flavour of a small town romance and is set against the background of Allahabad University student politics.
The combined pressure of a small town society and the oppersition of their families creats hurdles for them. At another level Anirudh has won the favour and friendship of more student, Ram Vijay Singh (Lrfan Khan) and imporotant politicle figure at the university, whom Anirudh had once help to hide his oppenents, a gasture that probably saved Ran Vijay's life.

Niharika however, is always very wary of Ram Vijay. She dosent approved Anirudhs association with him. Ram Vijay main rival is Gauri Shankar Pandey (Ashutosh Rana) exisiting president of the students union. The power stuggle between the two fraction, progresses at the background of the film with it's fair share of violence and rivalry.Ram Vijay manages to destroy all opposition to him self and becomes the undisputed student politicle leader.

Ram Vijay becomes both protector and friend to Anirudh. However unkown to Anirudh Ram Vijay seceretly coverts Niharika and manages to get Anirudh out of Allahabad Anirudh senses something is amiss and comes back to stop Allahabad only to find out that the wedding has been fixed between Niharika and Ram Vijay the person who had apparently stood by him through thick and thin has turned out to be his greatest betrayer.

Niharika and Anirudh runaway together can Anirudh and Niharika get past a foe has formidable as Ram Vijay? The answer is revealed in a stunning climax sequence which occurs against the backdrop of the Maha Kumbha Mela. 

Indian Movie Colour / 160 Min / 5.1 Dolby Digital /
-All Regions / English Subtitles



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