I - Proud To Be An Indian -2004- EROS DVD

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Starring : Sohail KhanHeena TasleemAasif SheikhKulbhushan Kharbanda Tim LawrencEKashmiraMona AmbegaonkarImran Ali KhanScott HindsAlex MilemanZaf MughalJames OwenIan PeadTom SambrookJeff SawyerKeval ShahChris StreeksEric Yan
Director : Puneet Sira
Producer : Sohail Khan
Music Dir : Daboo MalikK.C.Loy
Lyricist : Jay VermaDabboo MalikHaricharan DhillonKanwar JunejaK.C. LoyDeelali Deep
Singer : Babul SupriyoSunidhi ChauhanRithikaKrishnaArvinder SinghSukhdev SinghKunal GanjawalaSrinivasanMeshi
Distributor : Eros
Genre : Action
Synopsis of  I - Proud To Be An Indian

"I - Proud To Be An Indian" is film about an Indian (I), who is forced to migrate to London with his father, to stay with his older brother (Name) and his family as they had migrated few years ago. Once in London, I starts to discover, that the middle class Asian families are living a very frightened life, as some local white outlaws, who are a pack of skinheads. The dreaded Cane who is 6ft 4in is the leader of the skinheads. Cane along with his cronies believes that their country England is being taken over by the Asian community. Cane represents this new bunch of so-called Neo Nazis who preaches racism. They hate any other skin colour than white skin. They feel that non-British has no right to stay in England, particularly the Asians. I has to stand up for the Asians and fight for their rights. I beats up some of the skinheads and Cane comes to know about that. Cane sends more skinheads to retaliate and the problem becomes bigger.

Sargent Grant represents the local police who are the authority. Sargent goes and checks the area and comes to know the atrocities of the skinheads towards Asian. Sargent Grant is a very strict officer and he does not approve of the existence of the skinheads. He particular does not like Cane as he feels that they are the menace to the society. Sargent Grant orders Cane and his pack of skinheads to stay away from the Indian boy. The skinheads are desperate to get I, but are helpless due to the warning of the local police authorities, especially Sargent Grant.

Cane's evil mind come to the conclusion that who would hate the Indian boy as much as he does. He gets the answer in the name Aslam, a Pakistani boy, living in the same suburbs of East London. Cane thinks that Aslam being a Pakistani would definitely be useful in eliminating the Indian boy. Aslam goes to make an attempt on I's life, but as fate would seem, it so turns out that they end up becoming best of friends. One of the prime reasons for them to become close friends was that in their confrontation, they realize that Cane was using the age-old British formula of divide and rule. In their friendship, I even gets involved with Aslam's sister Noor. After some moments of happiness between I, Noor and Aslam, the traumatic experiences increase towards I's family. But I's patience reaches a saturation point, when he hears about Aslam's murder by Cane. I challenges Cane to fight with him on his land, the streets of London. The fight is set. If Cane stands, the Asians will walk out of their land and is I stands tall, the skinheads would never come int he way of Asian community.

Thus the beginning of the climax in the form of the fight between I, who represents the sentiments and emotions of the Asians and Cane, who represents the so-called wicked liberators of England. The fight between the good and the evil, where good always triumps over the evil. Similarly in the nail biting fight, I triumphs over the evil Cane and make all the Asians proud.


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