Insaaf - The Justice - 2004- TTE DVD

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Starring : Dino MoreaSanjay SuriNamrata ShirodkarHeenaRajpal YadavAmitabh BachchanMohan Joshi
Director : Shrey Shrivastava
Producer : Mohammed Fasih
Music Dir : Nikhil Vinay
Lyricist : Sameer
Singer : Sonu NigamAnuradha PaudwalUdit NarayanAlka YagnikSapna Awasthi
Distributor : TTV
Genre : Social

The deities delight in places where women are revered, but what about the places where a woman is raped every six hours and her dignity maligned every second? In the crux of "Insaaf" is standing a traditional married Indian woman who is not only raped by a man, but the law and the society itself! Finally she rises like a phoenix and her actions promises a beginning to a new era. The fictional tale of a factual account and social history of 21st Century - forms the backdrop of "INSAAF" - The Justice.

IAS officer Prasad (Sanjay Suri) gets posted in a city in northern India where he settles with his wife Kunti (Namrata). Kunti, a traditional housewife becomes an object of lust for Bunty (Dayal)- the son of minister Rameshwari Verma (Kunika). Finding an opportunity, Bunty rapes Kunti. Husband Prasad runs from Pillar-to-Post seeking justice but only in vein! Finally out of frustration he takes the ultimate step of SUICIDE.

The nation is stunned by the shocking news of "the rape of the wife of Director, social security" and subsequent "the suicide by an IAS officer" whereas the locals take it with a pinch of salt! Suspecting the logistics of the case, the Union Home Minister appoints a high level CBI team to probe the matter and book the culprit.

Mr. Abhimanyu Singh (Dino Morea), an IPS officer, a man of proven integrity and monitored track record, is assigned the responsibility of cracking the case. On his mission, he encounters a social worker Yogi, who keeps the encyclopedia of the (mal) functioning of 'un-civic' society. Yogi gives a jolt to the inspector with the statement that 'the rape case was never registered at all'. He also gives clues about how the 'jungle raj' operates, the incidents that culminated into 'the rape of Kunti'. The victim is condemned to a life of hell bearing stigma and indifference of society, whilst the rapist is roaming and reigning scot-free.

Superintendent of Police Abhimanyu Singh, with the help of his ladylove, Reena (Henna), an investigating journalist nabs Bunty staking his life and carrier. The judiciary comes into action. But, alas, its the 'rape of trial than the trial of rape'! The court exonerates Abhimanyu Singh for lack of evidence against Bunty. As for Bunty, he saves himself from the law with his alliances with the much influential political figures thus exposing (once again) the corruption in Indian political sphere.

Finally S.P.Abhimanyu Singh comes out with the only resort. He, along with Journalist Reena, counsels Kunti who had been keeping a low profile to prevent social stigma. The two instill strength and confidence in Kunti to face life, fight for justice, and more importantly….. to punish the evil without which the torture on women would continue and go unnoticed. In a rage of fire, Kunti rises like a phoenix from ashes! The civil society wakes up to capture the rapist. The jostling heated commotion follows. And lastly Kunti makes her memorable tryst with "INSAAF"- The Justice!

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