Janasheen -2003- APOLLO DVD

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Janasheen - DVD

Director : Feroz Khan
Producer : Feroz Khan
Music : Anand Raj Anand
Lyrics : Sameer

Starring : Fardeen Khan, Celia Jaitly, Feroz Khan

JANASHEEN is the story of Lucky Kapoor [Fardeen Khan], living in Australia and who's driven by the ambition to be a Super Bike Racing champion. He is an unwilling successor to his father's legacy.

Lucky's life takes a drastic turn when his father [Harsh Chhaya] dies in an accident and he has to return to India for a short while. Then begins the conflict between his past and present. His life is veiled in a deception so deep that he doesn't know who his real friends are and who are his real enemies.

Back in India, he meets the girl who loved him as a kid. At the same time, deception, evil and lies surround him at every step, trying to keep him away from the truth.

JANASHEEN is also the story of Saba Karim [Feroz Khan], a fugitive from Afghanistan now living in Australia. A rich and ruthless businessman, in Lucky he finds a likeness to his dead son.

Today, Saba plays a game of hearts? unknowing to him, this game entangles his own heart when he tries to deceive the young man by becoming his foster father, only to realise that his own paternal instincts are still alive.

Jessica [Celina Jaitley] plays the role of a famous violinist with a tragic past. She works for Lucky's father, who is a music baron. She is in love with Lucky since she was a child, only to lose him when he went away to Australia and never came back.

When Lucky does return, the love is now kindled even in his heart, but life is so ironic that now that she has a chance, she has to hide secrets and carry the burden of lies on her chest, which affects her relationship with Lucky.

Features : 

Colour / NTSC Format /  Dolby Digital 5.1 Channel / English Subtitles


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