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Karz -2002- EROS DVD

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Karz (The Burden of Truth)
Starring : Sunny DeolSuniel ShettyShilpa ShettyKiron KherAmit BehlSayaji ShindeAshutosh RanaJohny LeverDeepak ShirkeSaurabh ShuklaHimani ShivpuriShahbaaz KhanRajeev VarmaShammiHemant BirjeVishwajeet PradhanGhanshyamAroon BakshiJeetu VermaDharmesh Tiwari
Director : Harry Baweja
Producer : Kaushal Godha
Music Dir : Sanjeev Darshan
Lyricist : AbbasSameer
Singer : AbhijeetAnuradha PaudwalHema SardesaiUdit NarayanKumar SanuSukhwinder SinghKishore KumarKavita KrishnamurthyAlka Yagnik
Distributor : Eros
Genre : Action

This is an unfortunate tale of young boy Sooraj (Sunny Deol) abandoned by his mother Savitri Devi (Kiran Kher) for reasons he does not understand and can not phantom. Homeless & alone, he is adopted by a kind hearted childless widower (Rajeev Verma) – who learns the tragic truth about the young boy from the doctor.

Though the years pass and the boy turns in to a man, the tormenting experience of rejection and renunciation continues to fester deep in his consciousness. Yearning only for the truth and the love of his mother – Sooraj seeks refuge in alcohol.

Then one day the most unexpected thing happens – Sapna (Shilpa Shetty) the beautiful daughter of his father’s friend comes to live with them. And for her Sooraj even gives up drinking – only as they spend their days together he still doesn’t know how to tell Sapna that he loves her.

At the same time Sooraj befriends rather delightful young man, Raja (Sunil Shetty), who fondly calls him his big brother. Raja has run away from home upon the insistence of his mother to marry women he does not love – in search of a woman he does love. Someone from his city Dharampur, and every time Raja gets into trouble for his pranks like a big brother. Sooraj keeps bailing him out.

But the bond between the two men soon turns into rivalry as Sooraj finds out that the girl raja been teasing is none other than Sapna, conflict ensues – but raja keeps insisting that his intension about Sapna are completely honourable and that he intend on marrying Sapna. And contrary to what Sooraj thinks of him until now – he truly does comes from a very affluent family and he’s not just an ordinary rift raft. But Sooraj not believes him until Raja tells him that his father owns a haveli in his town and his mother is Savitri Devi.

Sooraj’s first hangs in mind air. But some crazy twist of fate he had found Raja his younger brother – who would take him to his mother. And when he meets her he will ask her why she never loves him; why she had to leave him all alone with ever looking back to see what had become of him; what wrong he had done to deserve this; and how all these years he had longed for her.

But as Sooraj tells this to his father – his father makes Sooraj take a vow. A vow of never saying a word of this to his mother – for what if she abandoned him once again? Left him without ever telling him anything – would he able to bare it all over again?

So Sooraj keeps his silence. Never saying a word to his mother – until one day he can’t bare it longer when at a party he hears his mother tell someone that she has only son – Raja. On the Piano he plays a tune that she used to sing to Raja when he was a child and he leaves angry & confused.

A stunned mother follows Sooraj back to his home and hears him sing the lori she used to sing for Raja; she then tells Sooraj that she didn’t know he was alive and that they told her he was dead and she embraces him – only to fall prey hysterical rapture, Rejecting him completely the very second.

Thus Sooraj learns the truth about himself. What is the Truth?

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