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Kashmir Ki Kali -1964 DVD

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Kashmir Ki Kali - DVD

Starring: Sharmila Tagore, Shammi Kapoor, Pran, Anoop Kumar/Dolby Digital AC 3/English Subtitles

Synopsis :

Rajib, sole heir to a millionaire industralist, is often chided by his mother, the Rani ma, for his somewhat erratic behaviour. On one such occasion, he goes out of the way to announce an award of five lakhs to his mill workers, an act which is very distressing to his mother and her manager, Shyamlal. Shyamlal suggests that they should try and find a suitable bride for the boisterious youngman, as he would surely settle down after marriage. Marriage, however, is not something which fits in with Rajibs plans and he manages to quickly dispose of the girls from whom he was to select his lifes mate. When the Rani ma insists that he must agree to marry, he makes the decision to go away,and remain away till such times as his mother agrees to change her mind. In the company of his great friend Chander, Rajib goes to Kashmir, where he owns a bungalow and an estate. The bungalow at Kashmir has been left in the charge of Bholaram for many years and has rarely been visited by members of the family. The crafty Bholaram has taken full advantage of the situation by converting the bungalow into a hotel which was quite popular with the young visitors to Kashmir. Thus Rajib found himself a stranger in his own house & Bholaram made matters worse for him by telling the guests that Rajib was merely a mad man who suffered from hallucinations which made him beleive that he owned the place. The other hotel guests agreed to pamper Rajib. Into Rajibs life stepped Champa, the beautiful Kashmiri girl who makes both ends meet by selling flowers to the tourists who flocked to the colorful valley .As Rajibs romance with Champa blossoms, he was to make an ugly enemy of Mohan, a local suitor for Champas hand & who was doing everything in his power to persuade blind Dinu to give Champato him in marriage. All at once Rajib and Champa find themselves in the midst of events so stunning that their dream world seemed sure to be destroyed. The story hence forward takes most unexpected twists & turns and moves on to breath taking climax brilliantly presented by the color cameras.

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