Lets enjoy -2004- EROS DVD

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Starring : Aashish ChowdhryArzoo GovitrikarVinod SharawatRoshni Chopra
Director : Siddharth Anand Kumar
Producer : Quartet Productions Pvt. Ltd.
Music Dir : Midival Punditz
Lyricist :
Singer :
Distributor : Eros
Genre : Drama

"Really Pratap Singh has spent the last four years of his life hanging loose in the US. But now, at 24, he's been hit by an identity crisis, which has brought him home to Delhi on a quest for self-discovery. Part of this self-discovery is his desire to meet Shreya again - his girlfriend from college, the question, and "I wonder whether we still have the chemistry" haunts him. The answer will soon be his when he throws a party at his lavish farmhouse in Badshahpur village. Shreya is coming with her friends - Sonal and Piya. The old spark is still alive - but there's Sonal who finds herself drawn to Armaan. At the party, Shreya meets Karan - a mysterious and quiet musician from Dehradun. The chemistry between Sonal and Armaan / Shreya and Karan is undeniable. Does time change everything?

"Ek din meri photo is magazine mein hogi" Rajinder Dagar
Rajinder Dagar has dreams of making it as India's top model. He runs a gym in Badshahpur village, and is taking English-speaking classes in the evening. A proactive man, he hears of the party and decides to gate crash, hoping to meet someone there who can make his career. He seeks Lord Hanuman's blessing and jumps over the wall at night, his portfolio of photographs taken in the local studio tucked into his shiny black pants. He lands on the other side, right at the feet of BJ, who happens to be peeing against the wall. He takes Rajinder under his wing and introduces him to the high life. But is this the life Rajinder really wants for himself?

"Women like it when you treat them like shit" Happy
Happy, Bunny and Sodhi are best friends. They spend all their time together - because they have a zero success rate with women. That doesn't prevent them from giving each other expert advice, and making innumerable strategies for "hooking" women. They are going to Armaan's party hoping to get lucky. Unfortunately they loose the map on their way to the party and wander the dark inroads of Haryana. They bump into Bharat Bhushan while asking for directions at a paan shop. Bhaat Bhushan not only agrees to show them the way to the party but also the path to the women they desire. The only question is - who is taking whom for a ride?

"What do you mean you don't have a condom?" Reena
Raghu and Reena have been sweethearts through high school and college. Tonight is their five-year anniversary, and they intend on making it a special one. Though deeply in love and physically intimate, they have never quite gone all the way. However, before they can consummate their love there are many hurdles to be crossed. There is the small issue of securing a private space - where they will be undisturbed, and then there is the larger issue protection - which Raghu has forgotten to carry with him. Will they or won't they?

Parties will come and go, but this will be a night no one will ever forget.

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