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 Market,  Where Everything's For Sale
Starring : Manisha KoiralaAryan VaidSuman RanganathanShweta MenonGovind NamdeoMakrand DeshpandeSayaji ShindePratima KazmiPankaj BerrySrivallabh VyasJohny LeverAnupam Shyam
Director : Jai Prakash
Producer : Rama AdhikarAtif Khan
Music Dir : Altaf Raja
Lyricist : Arun Bhairav
Singer : Kumar SanuAlka YagnikSunidhi ChauhanHema SardesaiAltaf Raja
Distributor : TTV
Genre : DramaRomantic


The story of “Market” is a tragic journey of Muskan Bano's (Manisha Koirala) life. A journey which is full of pain and tears. She hails from an extremely poor family of Hyderabad. At the age of 15, due to poverty, she was married off to a middle-aged Sheikh of Dubai. The Sheikh used her for his pleasure for 7 days and then divorced her.

On a complaint lodged with the Police against the Sheikh by Muskan's father Barket Ali (Vallabh Vyas), the Sheikh is arrested. But he bribes the judge through the lawyer and gets released on bail. Barkat Ali commits suicide as he holds himself responsible for the destruction of Muskan's life. After his death, life becomes more miserable for Muskan. Circumstances forces her into prostitution and she finds herself in the brothel of Mehndi Bazar, a famous red-light area of Hyderabad.

The Sheikh is tried for raping Muskan. Muskan keeps fighting for justice by selling her body. It takes the court eight years to reach the final hearing. And in the end Muskan looses. The Sheikh is acquitted.

Story takes a turn. Muskan comes to Mumbai. Here through a corrupt Police Officer (Sayaji Shinde), she meets Juicy, a high-class pimp. Juicy introduces her to Lisa (Suman Ranganathan) and Isha (Shweta Menon) who are high-class call girls.

Lisa and Isha groom Muskan for high-class flesh-trade business. And thus Muskan of Hyderabad's Mehndi Bazar is rechristened as Malika in Mumbai Market.

Babu Pandey (Aryan Vaid), a hard-core criminal, meets Malika as a customer and loses her heart to her. However, she doesn't reciprocate.

The story takes a dramatic turn when Malika along with Lisa and Juicy go to Dubai for a dance show. In Dubai, she bumps into Sheikh and it is here that she finds an aim in her life and decides to avenge the destruction of her life and the death of her father. Meanwhile, the Sheikh hires Yashwant Anna (Govind Namdeo) to kill Malika.

Would Malika succeed in taking revenge on the Sheikh? Or will she be killed by Anna's men? What role Malika's lover Babu Pandey will play in this battle of blood?

The climax of Market will answer all these questions.

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