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Ram Jaane -1995- spark DVD

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Ram Jaane DVD
Starring:Shahrukh Khan, Juhi Chawla, Vivek Mushran, Pankaj Kapoor
Produced by Parvesh Mehra
Directed by Rajiv Mehre
Music by Anu Malik

Dolby Digital 5.1 NTSC ALL REGIONS Subtitles: English, French, Dutch Certified 15

He was a nameless street urchin. When someone asked him his name. The answer comes forthwith-"Ram Jaane"! (God knows) Murli was his friend and Bela was his love. In the course of time, Ram Jaan (Shahrukh) became a criminal and Murli (Vivek Mushran) turned out to be a moral custodian of the street urchins. His "Apna Ghar"
became a house for the homeless.
When RJ came out of jail, Murli forcibly brought him to"Apna Ghar", hoping that he would be able to reform him. However what cheered RJ was the proximity of Bela (Juhi Chawla). Though Bela was only being friendly towards him, RJ mistook it for love, not knowing that Bela only loved Murli. Murli was aware of RJ's passion for Bela so he always hid his feeling from her and pretended not to love her.
But the presence of affcted the children in the manner Murli hadent forseen. RJ's easy and glamorous life style was prodding the boys to follow his path. They all started imitating him. Once in a crime that RJ commited to save Murli's "Apna Ghar", he involved two boys in the crime. It unleashed a chain of events that took the life of one "Apna Ghar" inmate Poltu. Murli blamed RJ for the tragedy and they parted compay. However, Murli forced Bela to continue to see RJ as she was the only one who could reform him and add meaning to his life. Bella might have reformed RJ, but for willy ways of the GANG. All the aid stops coming to Murli. The children began to strve and then a lakj of rupees arrived in cash.
Murli knew where then money had come he confronted RJ and finally the daggar was drawn between the friends. RJ might have caused harm to Murli had Bela not told RJ that Murli had sacrificed her for his sake. This act of sacrifice on Murlis part made RJ look at life in a different way. What follows is a story of heroism and supreme sacrifice hat will make Ram Jaane an unforgetable experience for the entire famly. A must see.

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