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Suraj -1966 APOLLO DVD

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Product Description
Suraj - DVD
Actors: Rajendra Kumar, Vaijayanti Mala, Mumtaz
Subtitles: English
Producer: Venus Pictures
Director: T. Prakash Rao
Music: Shaker Jaikishan
Released by: Apollo
Genre: Drama
Region: 0 - Region Free. Will play on any player, in any region.
Year Released: 1966

Synopsis  for Suraj DVD

Suraj is a Musical Romantic Love Story. Vikramsing and Sangramsing are both friends and kings of their own states. When they meet they decide to turn their friendship into relationship and as a token of love Vikramsing presents a precious ornament to Sangramsings’s son Pratap. Ramsing is very trusted servant and a caretaker of Pratap. While playing that precious ornament gets misplaced. Innocent Ramsing has been declared the thief and punished. Angry and hearted Ramsing decides to take revenge and kidnaps Pratap. After 4 years he returns his own son to king as yuvaraj. King believes in it and Ramsing’s son grows in the kingdom as ‘Yuvaraj Pratap’. And there Ramsing turns Yuvaraj Pratap into a robber, ‘Suraj’. But Suraj is kind hearted, brave, handsome young man. As decided years before, king Vikramsing sends his daughter Anuradha to king Vikramsing to see Pratap for marriage. But mischievous Anuradha plays a game and disguise her servant as Rajkumari and herself a servant.

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